“The wrong sort of people are always in power because they would not be in power if they were not the wrong sort of people.” — Jon Wynne-Tyson

“By their very activity, based upon the use of violence, governments are composed of people who are the very opposite of holy — the most insolent, base and depraved people. … Rulers are always the worst, most insignificant, cruelest, most immoral and, most of all, the most dishonest people. And this is no accident, but a general law, an essential condition of power. … An essential characteristic of every government is its demand that its citizens participate in the crude violence that supports it. … The armed world and the wars it wages will be destroyed one day, but not by the kings or the rulers of this world. War is profitable for them. War will stop the moment the people who suffer from war fully understand that it is evil.” — Leo Tolstoy

Every war is fratricidal, for all people are brothers and sisters. Alas, most of them are not aware that we are rooted in one Transcendence, exist in one consciousness being connected via one “collective unconscious”, hear one voice of conscience being united by one universal destiny — they are blind, but one day they will see, and they will be terrified by what we did to each other for so long.

Century after century, political demons allied with such a reasonable voice in our heads infect us with ideological viruses, instill hatred towards each other, put weapons in our hands, and send us to torture and kill. War is the worst thing that can be, it is the hell that we create within and without ourselves; and no matter what the ideological context of a war is, no matter how political demons justify violence, the true purpose of every war is exactly what we and our world are becoming, moving further away from our true selves and our divine brotherhood, further down into the inferno.

“I, who cannot act otherwise than as an individual, am morally responsible for all my deeds, including the execution of political and military orders. … There exists a solidarity among men as human beings that makes each co-responsible for every evil and every injustice in the world, especially for crimes committed in his presence or with his knowledge. … Every human being is fated to be enmeshed in the power relations he lives by. This is the inevitable guilt of all, the guilt of human existence. It is counteracted by supporting the power that achieves what is right, the rights of man. Failure to collaborate in organizing power relations, in the struggle for power for the sake of serving the right, creates basic political guilt and moral guilt at the same time. Political guilt turns into moral guilt where power serves to destroy the meaning of power — the achievement of what is right, the ethos and purity of one’s own nation. For wherever power does not limit itself, there exists violence and terror, and in the end the destruction of life and soul. … The morally guilty are those who are capable of penance, the ones who knew, or could know, and yet walked in ways which self-analysis reveals to them as culpable error — whether conveniently closing their eyes to events, or permitting themselves to be intoxicated, seduced or bought with personal advantages, or obeying from fear. … [O]ur duty to the fatherland goes far beneath blind obedience to its rulers of the day. The fatherland ceases to be a fatherland when its soul is destroyed. The power of the state is not an end in itself; rather, it is pernicious if this state destroys the [national] character. … To do one’s duty to the fatherland means to commit one’s whole person to the highest demands made on us by the best of our ancestors, not by the idols of a false tradition. … [P]assivity knows itself morally guilty of every failure, every neglect to act whenever possible, to shield the imperiled, to relieve wrong, to countervail. … Blindness for the misfortune of others, lack of compassion, inner indifference toward the witnessed evil — that is moral guilt.” — Karl Jaspers

The stream of corrupted men who support political demons and carry out their immoral orders does not dry out, so there will be more wars until, finally, the nuclear weapons will be used. Whether it will be the end of our civilization or the beginning of its radical transformation (and not necessarily for the better), it will cause colossal casualties and great suffering to all sentient beings on this planet. And all of us will be to blame — those who support political demons, those who are indifferently or cowardly silent, those who forget lessons of history.

“As long as people consider themselves citizens subject to one or another government and not as universal brothers there will be no peace between them.” — Leo Tolstoy

“[T]he true collective is the solidarity of all men before God. Somewhere, everyone may free himself from the bonds of state or people or group and break through to the invisible solidarity of men — as men of goodwill and as men sharing the common guilt of being human.” — Karl Jaspers

“Pure immanence without Transcendence remains nothing but deaf existence.” — Karl Jaspers

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Misha Rogov

Misha Rogov

“Pure immanence without Transcendence remains nothing but deaf existence.” — Karl Jaspers

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