Good and evil

There is nothing it is possible to think of anywhere in the world, or indeed anything at all outside it, that can be held to be good without limitation, excepting only a good will.” — Immanuel Kant

“In being things have a rank, but to rank low is not evil. In existence ugliness repels us, but ugliness is not evil. Self-being may decline — resurgence from decline is what it amounts to — but what has declined, has grown empty, has trickled away, is not evil. Not even untruth is the same as evil, and neither are urges and drives, or the physical ills that cramp and destroy our existence. All of these are mere means in the hand of evil, which animates them with its negative will. For evil is not peculiar to any extant being, nor to any empirical reality or ideal validity. There is evil because there is freedom. The will alone can be evil.” — Karl Jaspers

“Man awakens only when he distinguishes between good and evil.” — Karl Jaspers

From the point of view of the will whose freedom is self-constrained by conscience — a glimpse of the Light, — conscience-less feedom is demonic arbitrariness. From the point of view of demonic arbitrariness, self-constrained freedom is a “sucker”. The eternal conflict of good and evil is the conflict of good and evil will — the will whose freedom is self-constrained by conscience, and the egoistic self-will whose freedom is demonic arbitrariness of the principle “do what you want”. These eternal antagonistic positions do not rotate but flare-up in the collision with each other. Communication between representatives of these positions is possible but almost never leads to a transition to the opposite side, because, from the point of view of each of them, the opposite side is a perverted world.

All people are divided into three types: those who chose freedom; those who chose demonic arbitrariness; those who have yet to make the choice or spend the rest of their days in ignorance, in the most important way being little different from animals. Unfortunately, in this infernal world those who chose demonic arbitrariness have an advantage, for in this world such demons hold all the power — political, economical, etc. — in their hands, including the power to manipulate the minds of those who have no idea what is really going on here, and who are destined either to be converted or to live in a lulled herd.

“Normality is nothing but a mild form of dementia.” — Karl Wilmanns

It is almost futile to express the ultimate truth about this insane world directly, because, from the point of view of a so-called “normal person”, this truth sounds like “madness”, “heresy”, “fantasy”, etc. Words — the surrogates of meanings — are powerless in the transmission of such a radical meaning. One can comprehend this radical truth only directly, see it only with one’s own eyes, become horrified and resist the temptation at all means, or surrender and join the legion of those who voluntarily became heads of the Dragon.

“The gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to Life, and those who find it are few.” — Jesus Christ

“Pure immanence without Transcendence remains nothing but deaf existence.” — Karl Jaspers

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Misha Rogov

Misha Rogov

“Pure immanence without Transcendence remains nothing but deaf existence.” — Karl Jaspers

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